talent development

human resources are the first resources for enterprise development. the company firmly establishes the concept of “people-oriented, talented and talented people” and is committed to achieving a high degree of unification of the overall development of the company and the realization of the value of the employees.

through the establishment of a sound human resources management system, we will establish and improve incentive and restraint mechanisms such as talent evaluation, selection and appointment, and performance evaluation, and strive to create a good “stage appeal, career achievement, mechanism incentive, reward-inspired, emotional care”. atmosphere,

it provided strong talent guarantees and extensive intellectual support for the smooth realization of the company’s overall development strategic goals.

employing the principle of morality --- both talented and talented, the combination of old and young.

the concept of employing people --- talk about the diploma, talk more about the level, talk about professional titles, talk more about the competencies, speak more about the experience, and speak about qualifications to make more contributions.

selection principle---fair competition the survival of the fittest, the ability of people to get into energy, the rise or fall of positions, the high and low incomes

employee activity